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We have a goal here at STOKED. We want to close the opportunity gap that exists for youth in NYC and LA. We want our STOKED Youth to get the same mentorship, trips to skateboard, snowboard and surf as other kids around the globe. Leading up until the month of June we are asking our supporters, friends of supporters to pledge to become a STOKED Igniter.



STOKED Igniters lead the charge of our youth development. They are our backbone to creating more opportunities for our youth to try new sports & be mentored to be the best people they can be.

Pledge to be a STOKED Igniter today & get ready to change the lives of the youth in NYC and Los Angeles.

Starter Level -  $120 per year ($10 / month)

Level 1 -  $300 per year ($25 / month)

Level 2 -$600 per year ($50 / month)

Level 3 - $1,000 per year ($83 / month)

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How much will you pledge to donate on 12:00 AM EDT on June 01 2014?

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