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It's officially summer, and that means Surf Season! Mentors are asked to RSVP for at least 2 events per season. If you RSVP and are not able to attend, please let the event contact person know 24 hours in advance. We rely on your attendance!

We've also changed the TIMES for Surf Mentor, so please be aware. To accommodate students traveling from a distance, Surf Mentor will begin at 12pm instead of 10am. We invite mentors for "mentor-only" surfing from 10am-12pm each surf day.

10am-12pm: Mentor Surf! (optional)

12-1pm: Students arrive, set-up, and lunch

1-2pm: Surf Session 1

2-2:30pm: Snack Break

2:30-3:30pm: Surf Session 2

3:30-4pm: Change and clean-up

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