Student Brand Decks

Stoked is a non profit youth organization that builds both leadership and social skills within teenagers. This is accomplished through the use of action sports and community service opportunities.

Students in their second year of the Stoked program were tasked with the creating a new skateboard brand. This included making a brand name, a logo, a tag line, mission statement and skateboards to be sold as products of the brand. 

Time line of events at the Brooklyn Latin School Stoked Program for year 2 students.


  • Introduction of new members to the stoked community and announcement of this year's goal/mission


  • Members of stoked are divided into teams which consisted of sales, communications, design, and copy. Each team had its own set of responsibilities.
  • STOKED students began to glue veneers of skateboard decks together


  • STOKED Students begin to scrape skateboards
  • Veneers are glued together for personal skateboards for stoked students


  • STOKED students complete scraping for the brand skateboards
  • STOKED students begin sanding skateboard decks


  • STOKED students begin to brainstorm ideas for a brand name and logo


  • brand name finalized and logo is undergoing minor edits
  • Tag line developed and mission statement for brand are decided


STOKED students finish sanding skateboards and begin board design


All boards are designed and ready for sale.

The Sales team presents brand boards to skate shops 



During the 2013- 2014 school year Brooklyn Latin students worked on building skateboards from scratch through the after school program, STOKED. 

Led by 



Fatebreak were STOKED Students at City Polytechnical High School. The message of Fatebreak was to break past what fate had in store for them. Revamps tagline was to 'get better everyday' and to put yourself to progression.


Although the competition was close, REVAMP was the ultimate winner due to their brand design, presentation & messaging. Congrats to Brooklyn Latin Stokers & REVAMP! For sale are customized skateboard decks made by the students at Brooklyn Latin  Fatebreak skateboards made by students at City Polytech. From the original gluing of the skateboard veneers, to sanding the board, to placing the design on the skateboard. These students handmade it all!one_board.jpg

Support STOKED & Buy A Student Made Brand Skate Deck!

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