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Our second annual Brand Showcase was on June 4th, 2014. Students in STOKED Year 2 programming from Brooklyn Latin High School faced off against City Polytechnical High School. Team Revamp were the students from Brooklyn Latin, shown below.


Fatebreak were STOKED Students at City Polytechnical High School. The message of Fatebreak was to break past what fate had in store for them. Revamps tagline was to 'get better everyday' and to put yourself to progression.


REVAMP was the ultimate winner due to their brand design, presentation & messaging. Congrats to Brooklyn Latin & REVAMP! For sale are customized skateboard decks made by the students at Brooklyn Latin & Fatebreak skateboards made by students at City Polytech. From the original gluing of the skateboard veneers, to sanding the board, to placing the design on the skateboard. These students handmade it all!


Buy a deck today and support STOKED to provide this opportunity to our students next year! 

*Price per deck $100